One Room, One Month

5:24 PM

We (well, I) have a new project. It's called One Room, One Month. In my head this translates to One Room, One-ish Months Or So Unless There's a Holiday Or Vacation And Then Maybe Two Months Is Doable.

This is a slightly lofty endeavor meant to goad me into accomplishing something that I've never accomplished before—namely, to start a project, do it in a timely manner, and actually finish.

Apart from my job (in which, to be fair, I execute large quick-churn projects all the time) I've never finished anything that I've ever started. In fact, it's rare that I even start something that I think about starting.

So, in the spirit of doing a lot of a little, we're (well, I'm) diving into the great game of home design and/or renovations. Ideally we'll finish one "room" (or hall space, basement/garage area, outdoor area) per month. We have roughly twelve, so this little game should last about a year.

As with any game, this has rules.

1. Be as frugal as possible.
2. Hand-make as much as possible.
3. Be as eco-friendly as possible.
4. Support small business and/or local as much as possible.
5. Never settle. Stay true to our design vision to create our definition of luxury—impeccable craft, attention to detail, and cozy warmth that will make our house a home.

We've aligned to a design vision: vintage industrial secret garden chic. Yep. Don't roll your eyes at me.

We like industrial and we like vintage. Think warm metals with a patina, aged wood, exposed elements, simple lines—natural, slightly more masculine, somewhat timeless. But our house is naturally petite with feminine details and some of that industrial look gets too clunky—so, we're juxtaposing the vintage industrial with dainty, detail-oriented femininity that you might think of in a secret garden. This means scaling everything down, embracing greenery and dried flowers, intentionally playing with subtle texture.

Each room will translate this aesthetic in a slightly different way—yielding a home that is cohesive, has a distinct design point of view, and feels like us.

I'll be journaling about this, keeping a record of the projects we do and the money we spend. Someday (hopefully) we'll look back and reflect on how much we've done together. Hopefully. Maybe. Good luck to us.

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