#The100DayProject Starts Monday And I Can't Wait

11:52 AM

Find this article and more at The Great Discontent

It’s like running a marathon. Around day 15, people start thinking, “God, this is tedious and boring. Why am I doing this over and over again?” About three weeks into it, people come up with excuses for why they shouldn’t continue, but they press on. I checked in with students by sending emails about it once a week with a subject line like: “This is Day 32.” Sometimes I sent something inspirational, like accounts of creative people who set regiments for themselves or corollary examples, but I didn’t show up and demand to see what people were doing. On the last day, it was an incredible surprise. It was like planting a seed in a garden and seeing what had grown 100 days later. Sometimes people crashed and burned; other times, ideas that seemed preposterous or uninteresting in the beginning turned out to be amazing.  – Michael Bierut via The Great Discontent 

The project starts Monday. One hundred days of repeat activity—an exploration of discipline, an emphasis on process over perfected product. One hundred days of both solitary and community creation, making and sharing and liking and finding inspiration in the discipline of others.

Find this article and more at The Great Discontent

On Monday, numerous creative minds from across the globe will embark on a great adventure, repeating the same activity day after day until mid-July. We'll run the marathon of this project together, sharing as we go despite whatever vulnerability we feel. You should be along on this journey. This is something that every person can do. 

Find this image and more about this project at The Great Discontent
My project is this: one repeat print a day, inspired by 20th century poetry. Why? I've been wanting to produce prints for years, but have been paralyzed by the quest for perfection. End products feel so daunting—year after year, my self-judgement leaves me afraid to take even the first step. This project, more about the doing than about the thing itself, is the perfect way to jump in. Maybe I'll be happy with my craft and maybe not, but I will see it through to completion. That itself will be success.

Find this image and more about this project at The Great Discontent

So, are you in? Find out more here: TheGreatDiscontent.com/100Days

I'll be micro-blogging this on Instagram via #100DaysOfPoetryPrints. If anyone else participates, I'd love to know your hashtag and follow along.

Here's to the makers, the dreamers and the doers.

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