On Becoming A Dreamer Who Jumps

4:49 PM

A group of people standing around and talking about how they will get started when they're perfect is exactly the same as a group of elephants standing around and saying they'll get started when they're purple. Elephants gotta be grey, and people gotta be imperfect.  //  Glennon Doyle Melton, Momastery, via HuffPost

This is my current Baader-Meinhof—that thing that happens when you buy a new car and suddenly begin to see it everywhere. I'm 26 years and X days old and my current Baader-Meinhof is this: don't wait.

Don't wait until your schedule is free. Don't wait until your house is more beautiful. Don't wait until your photography is better or your life is more interesting or your words flow more seamlessly. Don't wait until you're perfect, or worthy, or ready. You will never be those things, one hundred percent. Don't wait, just jump.

Dear self, your dreams are not impossible. They are not intangible. They're here and you're ready and all you need to do is act. Don't wait for a new year, or a new season, or a new week. Fight your tendency to over think. Put on blinders to the things that hold you back. Write with your heart, make with your soul, be true to your truest self, and know that nothing else matters.

Here's to the dreamers and thinkers; here's to the makers and doers. May you be one in the same.

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