4 Reasons To Do A Yeast (And Lifestyle) Detox

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I've never been so disappointed to receive good news. After a bout of sudden weight gain and months of extreme fatigue—the curl-up-and-nap-while-driving sort of dangerous lethargy—I finally had my thyroid level checked, assuming the "good half" left after a hemithyroidectomy several years ago had finally shut down. Just an easy dose of drugs, I thought, and I'll be feeling the energy that 26-year-olds are supposed to feel. 

When the results came back normal, I almost cried. Yes, it's good news—yes, I've heard that synthetic thyroid is a bitch—but I was hoping for a quick fix to my out-of-control exhaustion. Months of irritability and "brain fog" were wearing me down and pharmaceuticals couldn't be my easy street. Now I would actually have to put forth effort for a solution. 

If I'm going to embark on one of those "fix yo'self" dietary adventures, I figure there are some other things I'd like to change also. Right now my skin is a nightmare—ugh, am I 16 or 26?—and my suddenly blubbery stomach is pinched to fit into my too-tight-overnight jeans. Coupled with lethargy, these things are feeding my current couch-potato state—and it's Fall, it's too gorgeous for Netflix. 

So it's time for a change: I'm doing a month-long yeast and lifestyle detox. Full dietary details tomorrow (hint: no sugar, no television) but I'm beginning with the end in mind—the four things I'm hoping this challenge will fix.

1. Energy Levels
Maybe I'm experiencing some sort of physiological or hormonal change that comes with mid-twenty-something-hood, but it feels rather extreme. It's an out-of-body, mind-numbing, confusing exhaustion that makes me face-plant onto the couch in grumpy frustration. Among other things, this is a symptom of Candidiasis—anti-candida diets claim to help with symptoms like inability to focus, poor memory, brain fog, irritability, anger, dizziness, depression, crying spell, panic attacks, low libido, persistent extreme fatigue, hyperactivity, cravings for sweets and alcohol, insomnia and poor coordination.

2. Skin Texture
Acne and I have been engaged in a decade-long war, and right now it's winning. I was doing quite well for a while but it came back with a vengeance when the fatigue and weight gain started. And since the skin, hormones and the gut are all interconnected, aiding my internal systems might very well clear up my external issues. Not only do anti-candida diets claim to help with acne, they also claim to aid cysts, hives, night sweats, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections, athlete's foot and body odor. 

3. Weight Gain
Several months ago (and seemingly overnight) I gained upwards of ten pounds. While that might not sound like a ton, on my frame it's noticeable—perhaps to the naked eye, but certainly to my pants. Every morning I find myself doing the jump-wriggle-squat-pull to squeeze myself into once-fitting denim. And yet, come afternoon, my sugar-addicted self can't help but eat an entire box of Junior Mints in one sitting. Since they cut out all sugar, yeast detoxes claim to help those experiencing water retention and an inability to lose weight.

4. Carpe Diem
With symptoms of Candidiasis in full swing, other parts of my life are failing. I feel unmotivated and behind; my house desperately needs a fall cleaning and my hobbies (including blogging!) are falling by the wayside. It would be nice to get my life back. Sometimes, just taking control of one lifestyle element is enough to "baby step" me towards taking control of another, and then another, until I'm fully carpe-ing that diem. This month, that's the goal.

I've been diagnosed with—and written about, here and here—Candidiasis before so this idea of "yeast detox" isn't new. But nothing I've tried before has lasted. It's been too extreme, too obsessive, too all-consuming and stressful. Ultimately I found myself frantically hungry and quit. This time I'm making it fit my lifestyle and my needs—and I'll tell you all about specifics tomorrow. 

Think a yeast detox could benefit you? A few colleagues have joined me and we'd love to have you too!

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  1. I'm so sorry you've been having a rough time, Buffy!!! Love you to pieces. Let me know if you need anything except yeast.

    I should do a sugar fast! Can you tell me everyday foods that have sugar that I don't know about?

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