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February Decor Love: Kitchen Romance

4:20 PM

Ah, V-day. I like it, but I don't. On the one hand, it's cute—romantic love, friend love, family love, it's all a good thing. On the other hand, it's nauseating—the hearts, the pink, the fluff, the Hallmark of it all. Ugh, get me a Xanax and wake me up when it's March.

And yet, it's all sort of nice. Tanya makes me dinner (Tanya always makes me dinner, food is our love language) and dessert and has wine and flowers and it's just so sweet. And yet again, Tanya often pairs decadent dinners with dessert and wine and flowers, so maybe it's just extra sweet because Hallmark tells me it should be.

In any regard, all of the pinkie heart business this time of the year can be a bit much for me. But there's definitely some beautiful kitchen decor out there - we've rounded up nine of our favorites! If you need last-minute gift ideas, you've come to the right place. Click through to find each product, plus more from each seller.

1. How could you resist this You Are My Person mug by AvonnieStudio? And she lists "love" as a material - so cute. I could drink tea out of this every morning.

2. Look at this absolutely gorgeous You Are Oh So Wonderful laser cut wooden card from Cardtorial. It's so sweet; plus you can use it as a card, then frame it and hang it in your kitchen (or anywhere else).

3. This Red Scandinavian Tea Towel from HummingbirdFactory is perfectly understated - its design says romance without the mush. Definitely something I'd love in my kitchen. 

4. I'll admit, as much as I'm not a hearts person I adore these Ombre Heart Wooden Utensils by ShopPrettyMyParty. They'd be so cute for a kid's party (or a party with girlfriends, let's be honest).

5. Another really incredible tea towel, this Red Valentine Poppy Tea Towel from janehaydendesigns is whimsical and modern and romantic but not too girly. I want this.

6. We love sushi. A lot. Food might just be your love language too; if so, perhaps an I Love You More Than Sushi card from UUPP will hit the spot.

7. Simple but lovely, these Shades of Pink wooden spoons from storiebrooke are perfectly modern and definitely cute.

8. The adorable-but-edgy look of these Valentine Tea Towels by BlackRavenBakery is right up my alley. That skeleton with the butterfly is my personal favorite.

9. Beautifully handmade, these Personalized Cutting Boards from BungalowBoo are not only gorgeous, but also made from recycled bamboo. Yes please!

Enjoy bringing some love into your kitchen!

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  1. Lovely picks! Thanks for putting together this list :)

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