Three Cheers To A Lovely New Year

9:31 PM

2013 was epic; I'm almost sad to see it go. We did so much. I finished my thesis and (finally!) graduated. We took an amazing vacation—my family and I went to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, took a train to Flagstaff, hiked the Grand Canyon and went to Antelope Canyon in Arizona, then Tanya and I went to Nashville, a wedding in Clearwater, Disney World and Atlanta. Soon after, we brought our sweet Rupert into our lives. I started my first real job and bought my first real car. We kicked our blogginess up a notch and made our first allergy-friendly wedding cake. We ate (and ate, and ate) with friend and loved ones. It was a really incredible year.

Now it's the new year, a time for resolutions. Do you make them? I usually do but, like everyone else's, they don't live to see February. This year I'm trying something different—instead of making hard and fast rules, I'm trying to implement incremental behavior change. I'm imagining the future, trying to think of this time next year, trying to focus on who I want to be and what I want to be reflecting on. It's nothing crazy. I want to have stronger friendships both online and off, I want to have a clean house, I want to have a body and mind that are made strong through yoga and meditation, I want to have some money in the bank for a home down payment, I want to be a strong partner to Tanya. I want to advance my passions—to grow in my professional career, to let this blog really reflect who we are, to start a textile line.

Holding myself to strict rules and standards would make me fail in a week, but I'm trying to begin with the end in mind. I want to invest in quality friendships, so I'm going to work on being more others-focused. I'll reach out more, host more, comment more, make sure I tell the beautiful people around me how great they are. I want to perform daily acts of goodwill to anyone from Tanya to strangers. I want to budget monthly, trim the financial fat and be more accountable with my spending. I want to keep a clean and tidy house—for Tanya and for me. I want to step up my yoga, meditation and exercise routine in order to gain an inner peace that yields outward positivity. I want to let the creativity that results from these things—these friendships, goodwill, cleanliness, reduced stress and peaceful mind—flow out of me and manifest in prints. Overall, I want to stop talking and start doing

So here's to you, to us, and to this beautiful new year filled with so incredibly much potential.

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    1. :) It will be awesome; I hope yours is too. I'm so glad you're in my life!


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