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January Decor Love: New Year, New Calendar

2:28 PM

So, have you bought it yet? Is it as big a decision for you as it is for me? Really, you look at it every single day and there are so many good options. Plus it depends—are you a writer who needs squares to make notes or will simply seeing the days of the week suffice? I'm still deciding, but January has started and it's time to pull the trigger. I need one for my work office, one for my home studio and maybe one for the kitchen. Etsy is the place to go, of course; here's some of my favorites.

1. Etherial food photography from HelenMPhotography. Dreamy and delicious.
2. Food-based oil paintings by JoBradney (and just look at that mini easel, ohmygosh!).
3. Adorable printable calendar in shades of blue and green, so you don't even have to wait—by dezigndaze.
4. Seasonal food wheel for the Upper Midwest (or wherever else you might live) by LocalFoodsWheel.
5. Meal planner with grocery lists and a coupon holder by mod86designery.
6. When life gives you lemons, make a cup of tea (so right!) desk calendar by BLintonPhotography.
7. Wanderlust travel calendar by EyePoetryPhotography, so you can dream about cities to eat your way through visit.
8. Gorgeous food photography guaranteed to make you drool from SweetFineDay.
9. Each month comes with a recipe to give you ideas (even if you have to modify it!), by lizcarverdesign.
10. A seasonal local food calendar for NYC, if that happens to be your neck of the woods, by JessicaHaasDesigns.

Will you get one? Do you already have one? If so, please show!

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  1. Thanks so much for including my Sweets calendar amongst these amazing calendars!
    x - Helen

    1. Thanks so much for your beautiful work, Helen—it's inspirational!

  2. Beautiful Collection of Calendars. So honored to be a part. Thank you so much. Lovely Blog as well :)


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