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Open-Faced Cookie S'mores: Gluten Free, Vegan

11:58 PM

Is it possible that the only thing that screams childhood! more loudly than a cookie is a s'more? Ooey, gooey, drippy, sticky, marshmallow-in-your-hair delicious s'mores—I know you can taste them and I know you're conjuring up some delightful childhood memories. So then I ask you, what do you think about a cookie s'more? Oooh, mind blown.

This particular s'more is open-faced (two cookies is just fat) and microwave-cooked (because it snowed—yes, snowed!!!—last night and is therefore definitely not my kind of outdoor bonfire weather). They would definitely be better with a marshmallow slow-roasted over a campfire, canopied by stars and surrounded by the lullaby of a sleeping forest—but we'll take what we can get. 

You certainly don't need a recipe for this; just use our pumpkin snickerdoodle cookie recipe here or our soft chocolate chip cookie recipe here. Any type of chocolate will do (I'm obsessed with these truffles from Whole Foods—yep, they're vegan and allergy-friendly) and any type of marshmallow will work (you can find vegan marshmallows at Whole Foods too). 

My one trick to microwave s'more perfection is to split the marshmallow in half so that it adheres to the chocolate. This will help prevent it from rolling away when it begins to expand from the heat. Also, microwave your little tower in short, 5-second bursts for optimum marshmallow results. Yes, this is very technical stuff.

If you don't have marshmallow on your face and fingers post-consumption, you've done something wrong. Try again. ;)

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