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Vegan Ice Cream Floats: Gluten Free, Dairy Free

2:25 PM

Labor Day has come and passed, but can't we drag out summer just a liiiittle bit longer? We had a long—fun, but long—weekend and just one more summer vacation might be nice. Sadly, as we head into fall we'll have to take relaxation where we can get it; today we decided to slurp our way to summer sunshine. We threw ourselves an extra-special mid-week siesta in the form of a delicious classic: soda floats. Which brings up a much-debated question—root beer or cream soda?

Now, this isn't something we disagree on. Neither of us can decide which is better, in fact, so we always share. We also agree on the best ice cream substitute: coconut! I'm allergic to almond, rice lacks the fat content that makes ice cream a delicious treat, soy means tummy troubles... so coconut is our dream-cream-of-choice. Just remember, the thing about coconut ice cream (and coconut anything, for that matter) is that it has a hint of coconut flavor. While we enjoy this, you may not—try it and tell us what you think!

It seems a little silly to write a recipe for this, but I guess it's what we do. You'll need an ice cream substitute of your choice, some root beer or cream soda (perhaps bottled, craft soda if you're feeling fancy) and a chilled beer stein (because the cuter it looks, the better it tastes).

We're partial to two scoops of ice cream and then soda poured on top. Some people pour soda first, then plop in ice cream. Personally, I think that's ludicrous—the ice cream comes first to maximize that yummy foam top. This is American tradition we're talking about, after all.

Of course, you have room to get crazy! You could play with exciting sodas—ginger beer and red cream soda come to mind. Or, if you can do gluten and yeast, you could totally rock a Guinness float. I've never had one (and never will) but the thought seems pretty great. What's your favorite?

Be right back, we're going to pretend we're beachside.

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