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Double Stuffed Oreo Cake: Gluten Free + Vegan

1:33 PM

Good morning from rainy Cincinnati. It's Thursday, which means it's almost the weekend. What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun? Anything that will require the consumption of cake? If so, do we have a cake for you.

The greatest thing about this cake is that it's delicious. Really and truly. It tastes like yummy conventional cake. Your friends (or your kid's friends) will be none the wiser. We like to do this thing where we let everyone eat it and go, oh my gosh that's soooo good, and then we're like, yeah, and guess what, it's gluten free and vegan too. Their minds are blown. You know what I'm talking about. You probably do it too.

The second greatest thing is that it's easy. Like, really incredibly easy. Remember the cake mixes we reviewed yesterday? Yeah, we used them here. I mean, we're all busy, right? If you don't tell, no one will know. And the third greatest thing is that it's based on the world's yummiest cookie, so it's wonderfully nostalgic for adults and completely kid-friendly.


1 Betty Crocker Gluten Free Yellow box mix
1/2 cup butter alternative (we use Earth Balance Soy Free)
2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
3 eggs, substituted (we use Ener-g brand egg replacer)
2/3 cup water

1 Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil's Food box mix
1/2 cup butter alternative (we use Earth Balance Soy Free)
3 eggs, substituted (we use Ener-g brand egg replacer)
1 cup water


4 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup butter alternative (we use Earth Balance Soy Free)
1/2 cup shortening (we use Spectrum Organic All Vegetable Shortening)
1/4 cup milk alternative (we use unsweetened coconut)
1 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
1 package gluten free oreos (we use KinniToos)

1. Bake The Cakes
Bake each cake according to the instructions on the box—whisk everything together on low speed for 30 seconds, then on medium speed for 2 minutes, then bake. We used an 8" round pan because we wanted each layer to be thicker. Remember, don't over-bake! Our yellow cake barely took the full time listed. Make sure to do the toothpick test before you pull them out of the oven. When they're done, let them cool.

2. Make The Frosting
You guessed it, this frosting starts with our go-to buttercream! Find the recipe here. Whip yourself up a batch. When it's almost finished, crumble up the gluten-free oreos with your hands and drop them into the frosting. We used the entire package except for three, which we reserved as decoration.

3. Assemble The Cake
You'll need to cut the chocolate cake in half to make the top and bottom cake layers. Use a long bread knife to gently saw through the cake, keeping it parallel to the counter. This can be a little bit tricky, but the good news is that, if one of your halves breaks, we'll be frosting it so no one will know.

You'll also need to cut the rounded top off of the yellow cake. Use the same technique, slicing the top off so that it's flat.

Then, stack your cakes with a frosting layer in the center: chocolate cake, frosting, yellow cake, frosting, chocolate cake. It's good to do this on the dish or cake keeper you'll use, because once it's a tower it will be difficult to move!

Frost the outside. The frosting is a little tricky to work with because it's thick, but don't worry about smoothing it down. It looks great with some texture!

4. Serve And Eat.
This is always my favorite step. It needs nothing, but oh man, if you add a little dairy-free ice cream you'll be in heaven. We'll be right back—we're going to get some cake.

Once you try it, let us know what you think!

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  1. will these substitutions also work with regular baking mixes, that are not gluten free? ^_^


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