Easy Chocolate Ganache: Dairy Free, Soy Free, Vegan

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Our experimentation with allergy-free baking is relatively evolutionary; new ideas evolve from different combinations of things we've done before. We'll be like, oh man, this cake is so good, how would you feel about adding peanut butter into the buttercream? Yeah, and what if we topped it with a layer of ganache? Let's try it... 

To think that way, we have sort of a "stock" of go-to basics. For example, we have a basic buttercream (you'll find it here). We also have a basic ganache. 

What is a ganache, exactly? It's essentially an awesome chocolate sauce that can be used as a filling or a glaze. The ratio of chocolate to cream varies depending on consistency—a 2:1 chocolate to cream ratio is often used for truffles, cake fillings, etc. while a thinner 1:1 ratio is used as a glaze. Ganache can be dense, but it can also be cooled and whipped to serve as a cake frosting of sorts. 

So if this heavenly chocolate sauce is essentially chocolate and cream, and we know we can find chocolate, then the heavy cream is the only item in question, right?

Here's a cool fact about heavy cream: it's three parts milk, one part butter. Even if you're making a conventional recipe that calls for heavy cream and you don't have any, you can mix three parts of your highest fat milk with one part butter. Cool, right?

You may be thinking, how do we replicate this? Isn't the fat content of our substitutes all wrong? Actually, no; once combined with the chocolate, the mixture sets the same way conventional ganache does. Lucky us.


1/3 cup butter alternative (we use Earth Balance Soy Free)
3/4 cup milk alternative (we use coconut)
2 cups dairy free chocolate chips (Enjoy Life is free from dairy, nuts and soy)

yields about 2 cups

1. Butter + Milk = Heavy Cream
Melt your butter in a small bowl and whisk in your milk. You now have heavy cream!

2. Pour Over Chocolate
Microwave your heavy cream for 60–90 seconds, or until it starts to bubble. Meanwhile, dump your chocolate chips into a medium bowl. Once your cream is bubbling, pour it over the chocolate. 

3. Sit, Then Whisk
Allow the hot mixture to sit on the chocolate chips for one minute, then slowly begin to whisk it by hand. Ensure that all of your chips are melted and the consistency is smooth. 

4. Thicken (Now Or Later)
Now you have options! You can either pour the ganache over your baked good (like we do with our triple chocolate brownies) or you can allow it to cool and then spread it, pipe it, spoon it, etc. It cools faster in the fridge, but you'll definitely want to work with it at room temperature. You also have the option to whip it with an electric mixer, making it fluffy enough to serve as a frosting.

Easy, right? And so delicious. This stuff will transform your baked goods into baked greats. ;)

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  1. Thanks for the heavy cream breakdown. It makes more sense now. I look forward to trying out this recipe.

  2. Works great! Tastes fab!! I used Almond milk as that's what I use in general. Really great recipe.

  3. Fantastic, guys ! I made this with soya marg-cos i can!- and soya milk. I was in a rush so put the bowl of runny ganache into a bowl of cold water and used electric mixer to thicken. It thickens quite quickly and i had to plop it on the cake and use a hot knife to spread! I'm delighted with the dairy-free result!

  4. This chocolate cake looks delicious, thank you for sharing this recipe. This is one of the best cooking blogs I've come across recently. Looking forward to try this recipe. Great job for publishing such a nice article. Chocolate fountain hire West Midlands


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