11:53 PM

You guys. There are two major things that happened this week that impacted our lovely blog posting. First, Tanya's been out of town for a few days. And um, Tanya cooks. There is very little cooking that happens when Tanya is not around.

Second, my Macbook, my beautiful 2008 Macbook that has carried me through four solid years of design school, went to sleep and wouldn't come back to life. Yikes. Four years of design work, guys, and none of it's backed up. Freak out. No worries, tonight the Apple Genius went all Dr. Frankenstein and brought it back to life. Moral of the story, though... back up your stuff. Back it up. Right now. Pictures of your kids, videos of your cat, whatever. Back it up.

Tanya's home tonight, so we'll be back to the food stuffs tomorrow.

See you soon :)
Tanya + Becky

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