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Vegan ABC Juice: Apple + Beet + Carrot (+ Kale + Ginger)

11:20 PM

From what I hear, Mexico in August is pretty hot. Tanya usually comes back with an awesome farmer's tan. Things are going well, though, and she says hi to you!

Tonight I experimented with something new: juicing. Some people swear by juicing and do it every day. While I did love it, I'm not completely sold... read on and I'll tell you why. 

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Juicing Time: 5 minutes

1 red apple
2 large beets
3 carrots (or, like I used, 3 handfuls of mini carrots)
1 handful of kale
1 thumb-sized piece of ginger
yields 16-20 oz.

Go organic. Even if you never buy organic produce, bite the bullet and buy organic. There's nothing nice about juicing pesticides. 

Now, to start off, I'm not an expert juicer. Therefore, I'm going to tell you what I did, but I'm not promising that this is the way things should go. If you have experience juicing and you use different methods, please leave a comment! I'd love to hear what you do!

1. Wash and Prep
Cut your apple into six or eight pieces and remove the seeds. Cut your beets into smaller pieces so that they will fit into the juicer more easily. 

2. Juice your Stuff
Is order important? I have no idea, but some things definitely make more juice than others. I started with the apple. 


Then the carrots.

Apple + Carrot

And the kale.

Apple + Carrot + Kale

Then the beets and ginger together. 

Apple + Carrots + Kale + Beets + Ginger

Part of the way through, the juicer became filled with pulp and it would not process any more, so I emptied the pulp. Are you supposed to do this after every vegetable? I'm not sure. 

Here's the thing. Juicing creates a lot of pulp. I mean, a lot. Now, I'm not denying the health benefits of fresh juice. Fruit and veggie juices sold in stores are pasteurized for safety: a process that kills harmful bacteria, but also destroys much of the nutrients present in fresh juice. Using a juicer creates a delicious, smooth, nutritious beverage that provides an awesome way of incorporating super greens into the diet. 

But what about all that pulp? What am I supposed to do with it? It breaks my heart to throw it into the garbage, and we don't compost (yet!!), and hey, aren't there awesome nutrients to be had in that pulp? By filtering it out, am I eliminating the fiber and other nutrients naturally present in these foods? That's why I'm not sold. Would I be better off using a Vitamix or other high-performance blender that would give me a chunkier but more nutrient-dense drink? Does anyone know? I need to find out!

Regardless, this juice tastes awesome. I divided it into jelly jars, and I'm curious to know how it keeps overnight. I'm hoping it tastes fresh and wonderful in the morning.


See you soon,
Becky (+ Tanya)

The juice tasted just as delicious the morning after. I took it to work and drank one for breakfast and another after lunch. :)

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