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Mild Italian Chicken Sausage with Spicy Kale

9:10 PM

Tanya's a sausage snob; she hates the taste of anything prepackaged. Luckily, groceries offer freshly-made sausage that stays good in the fridge for a couple of days. We picked out chicken sausage because, while it isn't exactly healthy, it has fewer calories, way less fat and more protein than pork. (You can compare it so easily on TwoFoods).

We paired our sausage with kale tonight because, well, we needed a super green to redeem the healthiness of our meal. Kale is wonderful, but it's also bitter and tough and easy to be scared of. It's definitely not one of those eat-it-raw greens (although some people do, and more power to you). And the best news is, it's so easy.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes, or until the sausage reaches 165˚F

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Alexia Oven Fries, easy oven-ready french fries

1. Cook your Chicken Sausage
Place sausages in a pan over medium heat and brown them on all four sides. Because they're curved, you may need to hold them down with tongs on two sides.

2. Sauté your Kale
Put a little bit of olive oil in a pan or pot and turn it on to medium heat. Wash your kale (it comes with dirt) and tear it up with your hands. Kale shrinks down quite a bit-- a whole bundle makes four-ish servings-- so don't be afraid to pile it up. Toss it for a few minutes to expose every piece to the pan's surface and watch it turn bright, beautiful green. Lovely, right? Sprinkle on half a lemon's worth of juice, plus some salt and chipotle powder. Yum.

We paired our dinner with some ready-to-cook french fries from Alexia. Although we often make fresh fries, these are a quick and delicious alternative.


See you soon,
Tanya + Becky

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