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CrockPot Pork Chops with Fingerlings

8:59 PM

So, I work for a design agency doing the whole quasi-corporate, nine-to-five (or, 8:30 to whenever) thing. Tanya works in the food industry (well, the baking industry) so her schedule is significantly more fluid. Sometimes, like tonight, she works nights. And here's the thing about that: I don't actually cook. My role in the kitchen is to watch, and photograph, and occasionally cut a carrot or two. I can make anything that involves a pot (oatmeal, rice, quinoa) and anything that involves a microwave (potatoes, hot dogs, s'mores) and any baked good. Needless to say, if Tanya isn't around to make dinner, not much gets made.

That's why it makes my life to come home to this.

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 8 hours on low

Product Love: 
King Arthur Gluten Free Flour, made of white and brown rice, tapioca, and potato starch
365 (Whole Foods Brand) Vegetable Stock, the only tomato-free veggie stock we can find

Because I wasn't around for the prep, there are no pictures. Boring. It's so worth it though, really. 

1. Brown the Pork Chops
Thicker-cut boneless pork chops work better for this because they retain moisture. Coat each side in seasoned flour (flour with salt and a pinch of nutmeg). Drizzle olive oil in a pan on medium-high; make sure it's hot before you put the pork chops in. Brown each side, about five minutes each, being careful not to over-cook. 

2. Rough Chop your Veggies
Chop some onions, carrots and celery to make a mirepoix, then add sliced mushrooms. 

3. Fill your CrockPot
The fingerling potatoes can go in first, with the veggies over top. Set the pork on top and throw in several sprigs of thyme and rosemary. Add a cup and a half of vegetable stock; this won't cover your meat, but it will create enough moisture in the pot to create a nice steam. If you're able, you could use a thin soup (like chicken and rice) instead of the stock. 

4. Go Away for 8 Hours
Come back to a house filled with delicious smells and a ready-to-eat meal! Easy, right?


See you soon,
Becky (+ Tanya)

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