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Allergy-Friendly Chicken Quesadillas

10:18 PM

It's Monday! And not just any Monday, it's National Left Handed Appreciation Day! Neither of us are left handed, but many of our friends are and we certainly appreciate them. Happy day, lefties. 

Two weeks from today, Tanya will be in Mexico for her tenth annual humanitarian mission trip. Although she doesn't actually have South-of-the-Boarder lineage, she's spent so much time there that it's like she does. Tonight she channeled her inner Mexican for some delicious gluten-free, dairy-free quesadillas.

Knock it off, Napoleon. Make yourself a dang quesadilla.

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes

Product Love:
Teese, dairy-free yeast-free cheese (contains soy)
Daiya, dairy-free soy-free tapioca-based cheese (contains yeast)
Food for Life, wheat and gluten-free whole grain brown rice wraps

1. Season your Chicken
We used cumin, chili powder, oregano and salt. Drizzle a little bit of olive oil in a skillet and brown both sides of the chicken breast on medium-high. If you butterfly your chicken breasts by slicing them horizontally they will be thinner and therefore cook faster. 

2. Sauté Green Peppers and Onion
Slice peppers and onion, then cook them on the stovetop in a little bit of olive oil. They should caramelize slightly.

3. Shred your Chicken
After about ten minutes, or once the breasts have a nice golden color, pull them out of the skillet and shred them with a fork. Then return them to the skillet to finish cooking. Make a slurry, a thickening sauce, with a tablespoon of arrowroot powder and half a cup of water (or, if you can eat corn, you can use cornstarch instead of arrowroot). Pour this over the chicken and allow it to thicken for about a minute. 

4. Melt your Quesadilla
There are very few dairy-free cheeses that are also yeast-free, but we found one! It's called Teese, and the mozzarella flavor is yeast-free. It does, however, contain soy. If yeast isn't a problem, our favorite dairy-free soy-free cheese is called Daiya. It's tapioca-based and so, so delicious. We used brown rice tortilla wraps from Food for Life and we melted everything together in the microwave. The stovetop works, but we like the microwave because it makes the tortillas a little less crunchy. 


See you soon, 
Tanya + Becky

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